Open the cage and unleash Audio Zoo!

It’s the first summer Friday afternoon, smooth electronic beats waft through the air, you’re soaking in the atmosphere, dancing, enjoying yourself. Nice thought, isn’t it?

People dance outside until the sun’s last rays disappear, then the action moves to the interior, where a dancing multitude accompanies a packed show on until dawn. Then you have a sleep and the whole starts again, this time with different music genres. You’ll not want the two days and nights full of electronic music to ever end.

Up to 80 artists from both the international and domestic scene of EDM, techno, house, drum’n’bass, hardstyle, hardcore, grime and hip hop will perform over four stages in two days. Doesn’t sound too bad, does it?

The individual styles will spread across both indoor and  outdoor stages. The main stage will be taken over by the headliners representing all the different styles on both days. The second stage will be dedicated to the diehards of harder styles such as hardcore and hardstyles brought to you by Devastator on the first night. On the second night, drum & bass will take the lead under the baton of Let It Roll. The third stage will devoted to the sound of techno, starting with Cube on Friday and taken over by Roxy Club on Saturday following up with the similar genre focus on techno and house music. The fourth stage will resonate with the sound of grime, rap and hip hop for both days under the wings of Smack One.

Now imagine that all this awaits you on the last weekend of June, from 26-27 June 2020 at the Expo Holešovice – and the admission is free! All you have to do is register at and you’ll have get a free ticket to the whole event.

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