As each and every one of you, we had our one big dream. We had a dream of opening the cages, unleashing our inner beasts and prepare a festival in Prague like no other before. In the very heart of Prague we’ve planned to create a multi-genre meeting point for all the music fans who are open-minded like us. Those, who love electronic music no matter the genre, in all its forms, colors and flavors, and who can fully enjoy it. Every single one of us is unique with our own feelings, approach and taste in music. Some of us prefer the slower tempos, some of us would literally break all our bones to the sound of broken beat some of us have our heads full of rap and grime. For all of us we were working on Audio Zoo for over a year, the biggest multi-genre electronic music project in the heart of Prague with more than 80 performing artists over 4 different stages.

We have pictured the day D of all of us and our communities coming together in June many times, giving birth to an unique energy. Energy which will be remembered for a long time after it’s all over and on which we’d like to build upon for the years to come. It’s because all of these things mentioned it comes with a heavy heart to say the following words.

We are hereby rescheduling the first, premiere year of Audio Zoo for next year, for 25th and 26th June 2021. All the registrations for the free entry already made are staying valid. We believe you’ll use them next year again. By the mid April, there were over 10 000 of us already. We’re sure this number would have at least doubled by the end of June. Our goal is to keep the original line up you were looking forward to. We are already communicating with all the artists and their agents and if any changes occur. We will inform you as soon as possible.

The current situation isn’t easy and we’re all affected by it. We’ve had a few dozens of people working avidly on Audio Zoo with us non-stop over the course of the last year and it comes with a great disappointment to them as well. Months of work spent on creating the line-up, booking the flights for dozens of artists, preparing the festival area as well as numerous day activities for the visitors. None of those things should go in vain though. We’re taking this situation as an opportunity for us to come together and come out of this crisis even stronger. Your ongoing support is a living proof for us that we’ve been working on a festival you’ve been waiting for for so long. 

We feel it would be such a shame not to take the opportunity and if the situation allows us. We’ll have a special mini version of the festival either online or at Expo Holešovice. More information about that will come soon. 

We would like to thank all the party animals whos cages we will be able to open next year. Thank to all our partners who stayed with us to prepare the festival, especially Let It Roll, Roxy, Cube Events, Devastator, The Mag and Smack One. And last but not least thank to all of you for placing your faith in us and believing we’re heading in the right direction.

Let’s open the cage in 2021!