New Prague music festival is about to bring together big music brands

Do you wish Prague had a music festival, full of various electronic music genres? Then don’t worry, because a unique new festival is coming to the very heart of Prague! We present you Audio Zoo, an urban festival that unites the genres of electronic music.

For one and only weekend in the year, the top electronic music brands will join forces to give the festival a soul. If the names Let it Roll, Roxy Club, CUBE, Devastator or Smack One mean anything to you, then you’ll know that these names are a true guarantee of quality. They will take care of the line up on their own individual stages and together ensure a unique musical wilderness wrapped up in a boundless feeling of freedom.

These partners with years of tradition on the Prague scene offer you a homely feeling with a world’s production. The legendary Roxy Club is probably one of the first names that people justifiably associate with house and techno music in Prague, as the club has been helping to shape the electronic scene for more than twenty years. The CUBE is an old friend to all dyed-in-the-wool techno fans, mainly due to the unique atmosphere of its events, held in unusual places. As for the world of drum’n’bass, Let It Roll is possibly the best of the best. Their original series of club events reached unimagined heights, becoming a brand under whose auspices the biggest music festival of its kind in the world is held. For several years now, Devastator have been putting heart and soul into the harder styles in the heart of Europe.

Hold on, this is only the beginning. Register for a free entry at and you can start counting down the days. The festival will take place 26-27 June 2020 at Expo Holešovice.

Do you want to become a part of something unique with us? The choice is yours.